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  • Where can I download the PBE client?

    The official PBE client can be downloaded here.

  • How much IP/RP do I have?

    When PBE accounts are created, they are automatically leveled up to 30 and credited with 100,000 IP and 40,000 RP. You will not be given additional IP or RP besides this amount and the IP that you earn in game. These changes can take up to an hour to process and new testers may have to restart their clients in order to see the updates.

    To encourage players to continue purchasing after running out of RP, all new content that require testing will be brought down to 10 IP. The RP cost will remain unchanged and reflect the pricing on Live servers.

  • Why is my ping so high?

    The PBE servers are hosted in Los Angeles, California, and are smaller-capacity than League of Legends live environments. This makes it much easier for Riot Games to update the PBE with new content every day. If you don't normally play on NA, you will likely experience higher-than-normal ping.